Visit the Computer Center!


The Massillon Public Library is working hard to meet your technology needs, a continual challenge in a building constructed in the 1930s. Because our community voted to support the Library by passing an operating levy, we were able to renovate a staff-only storage part of our building to provide you with a more comfortable space to use public computers.

The Computer Center can be contacted during library hours at 330-832-9831 ext. 327.


The Computer Center features the following:

  • 20 brand new state-of-the-art public computers.
  • Microsoft Office 2007 Professional version.
  • Windows 7 operating system, with possible upgrade to Windows 8 following staff and public training.
  • Free public scanner.
  • Storage devices (floppies, CDs and now flash drives) available for purchase at cost - the library makes no profit.
  • New furniture with more work area and "elbow room" between users.
  • Several computers with two chairs together for team projects.
  • Reservation software to keep track of your minutes - no more waiting to start "on the hour" or staff reminding you to quit. You can make an advance reservation or simply walk up to any available computer.
  • Opportunities to use the computers more than once a day until your time limit is reached.
  • Printer station (Black/White or Color) with coin vend - a message on the screen will tell you how many pages you are releasing to the printer and you will no longer have to wait in line at the front desk to pay.
  • Over 20 high-end computer games, offered by Steam, including titles like Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, Portal, Counterstrike and much more.
  • Access by stairs or elevator.
  • Trained staff available for your technology questions during all hours of operation.
  • Computer training classes.