Genealogy and Local History Research Request Form

The Massillon Public Library accepts online requests for genealogy and local history information. Please fill in the following information completely. We will not begin research unless we have complete contact information. Please do NOT submit obituary requests via postal mail.

Specify the exact information you would like to obtain. Please do not request “all” information about a certain person, family or event.

Simple obituary requests (where you provide name/date/page from the Obituary Index) are a flat $2.00 charge.

For in-depth searching, we provide up to one hour of research at no charge, after which you will be invoiced at the rate of $10 per hour. If the search should continue over one hour, we will contact you to discuss your preferences for further research.

All photocopies will be invoiced at .25 per page, even those done in the first hour of searching.

Full name (of individual or company you are researching):

Date/page of obituary:

Time period:

Type of record requested:

Additional information:
(what do you know about this person so far?)

Your name:

Your mailing address:

Your phone number:

Your email address:

I agree to pay charges incurred by this request at the following rate: $2 for obituaries, .25 per photocopy, and $10 per hour or portion of an hour for in-depth research after the first free hour.