Tyke Tales

A Program for Children Ages 0-2 ½ 

The “Tyke Tales” program for ages 0-30 months is designed for the very young child together with the adult partner. Its purpose is to introduce language, literature, and the library to families in a positive, fun manner; to encourage physical and verbal interaction between the adult and the child; and to create a special time during which the adult can interact with and concentrate on the very young child. Tyke Tales is designed to provide an early positive one-on-one library experience for children and their caregivers. Our primary focus is to support the parents/caregivers by sharing resources and techniques which will help the child learn important skills now for school success later. Research shows that children get ready to read YEARS before they start school!

In Tyke Tales we…
- Share age-appropriate books.
Reading and talking help develop the ability to hear differences in sounds.

- Sing songs and recite rhymes.
Music and rhymes provide rhythm and patterns for language development.

- Do fingerplays.
Finger rhymes help develop motor skills and awareness of self.

The library is a great place to meet and network with other parents.


Story time sessions run seasonally.  Please contact
the Children's Department for details on session dates.

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