Family Story Time

A Program for All Ages Up to Grade 6

Family Story Time is designed to emphasize books and activities that encourage all ages to explore and understand the wider world, to learn problem-solving and social skills, and to appreciate their own creativity. Children crave time with the special adults in their lives. It makes them feel secure. Whether you attend as a whole family unit or as a special one-on-one time, Family Story Time can be a vehicle for this. Playing, reading, and having fun with kids builds a bond that will last forever. It lets the child know he or she is loved and appreciated. It opens the door for sharing problems and concerns when the need arises (even later, as children become teens). It helps the parent get to know and understand the uniqueness of each child. Adults are encouraged to let go and have fun! 

In Family Story Time we...
- Share books and stories appropriate for a wide age range.
More sophisticated stories build on a child’s growing vocabulary, sense of humor, and knowledge of the world around him or her.

- Use music and movement.
These activities foster physical coordination and develop the ability to hear the different sounds in words through rhythm.

- Extend the story.
Activities and take-home crafts will spark conversations, refine motor skills, and provide opportunities for creative expression and togetherness.

- Socialize.
Socially acceptable behaviors such as taking turns, following instructions, and focusing attention help prepare children for later school experience and for social success.


Story time sessions run seasonally.
Please contact the Children's Department for details on session dates.

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