Monster Mash


Leonardo, the Terrible Monster
by Mo Willems Hardcover, English. ISBN: 9780786852949

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Leonardo is truly a terrible monster - terrible at being a monster that is. No matter how hard he tries, he can't seem to frighten anyone. Determined to succeed, Leonardo sets himself to training and research. Finally, he finds a nervous little boy, and scares the tuna salad out of him! But scaring people isn't quite as satisfying as he thought it would be. Leonardo realizes that he might be a terrible, awful monster - but he could be a really good friend.



Where the Wild Things Are
by Maurice Sendak Paperback, English. ISBN: 9780064431781

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In this Caldecott Medal winner, Max, a wild and naughty boy, is sent to bed without his supper by his exhausted mother. In his room, he imagines sailing far away to a land of Wild Things. Instead of eating him, the Wild Things make Max their king.




Jeremy Draws a Monster
by Peter McCarty Hardcover, English. ISBN: 9780805069341

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Alone in his room, Jeremy draws a monster. But then the monster wants lunch. As his creation takes over, Jeremy begins to wonder how he will ever get rid of the monstrous nuisance. He entertains his unwanted guest all day, but enough is enough. Jeremy finally draws him a bus ticket out of town!

With a sure artistic touch and more than a dose of humor, Peter McCarty cleverly blurs the line between his own drawings and Jeremy's, and in doing so subtly questions the line between reality and imagination.



Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters
by Jane Yolen Hardcover, English. ISBN: 9780763642013

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Beloved author Jane Yolen scares up a new rhyming read-aloud about the snarfing, growling, snoring way that monsters go to bed.

Creep, gurgle, crawl, tumble! Meet two young monsters who are far from scary - they're too busy having fun. They go to school, play outside with their friends, and eat after-school snacks. But they also have a bedtime, whether or not they're ready for it!

Young children and parents alike will find much to identify with as they follow these lovable little monsters getting ready for bed. With wildly colorful illustrations full of whimsy and warmth, Kelly Murphy brings Jane Yolen's gently rhyming tale to rambunctious life.



Monster Who Ate My Peas
by Danny Schnitzlein Hardcover, English. ISBN: 9781561452163

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A young boy thinks he's discovered a way to avoid eating his peas - he makes a bargain with a fiendishly funny monster. First the deal is simple: the monster will eat the boy's peas in exchange for his soccer ball. But with each new encounter, the monster's demands escalate. Eventually, our hero faces a daunting decision - can he conquer his loathing for peas or will he lose his most prized possession?


Thelonius Monster's Sky-High Fly Pie
by Judy Sierra Library Binding, English. ISBN: 9780375932182

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"Thelonius Monster once swallowed a fly, and decided that flies would taste grand in a pie. That silly guy!"

Judy Sierra's funny read-aloud romp presents a monster that children will love as he makes a goo-filled crust, lures hundreds and thousands of succulent flies into it, and invites his "disgusting-ist" friends and relations to a gala fly-pie party. "How it glistens! And listen--it hums!" shout the ravenous monsters. But just as his guests are about to dig in--the pie flies off. "Bye, bye, fly pie."



by Frank W Dormer Hardcover, English. ISBN: 9780805089523

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Poor Socksquatch. All he wants is two warm feet, but things aren't going his way. Even his friends can't help. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! What's a monster to do?

Frank Dormer's sweet, funny monster story will charm the socks off young readers.



Most Loved Monster
by Lynn Downey Hardcover, English. ISBN: 9780803727281

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Deep inside the cave, all the monster-kids are asking: Which of us does Mama really love the most? Is it: Eye-poppingly funny Max? Mannerly, spit-sharing Mattie? Slimy-pie maker Mervin? Tar pit diving Mella? Yikes! How will Mama Monster decide?

The answer to a familiar childhood question is given a funny-bones twist in this affectionate affirmation of every child's specialness, and the limitless capacity of a parent's love.



Eek! Creak! Snicker, Sneak
by Rhonda Gowler Greene Library Binding, English. ISBN: 9780689830471

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They snicker. They sneak. They make their plans while schemingly rubbing their hairy hands... Bugbear and Bugaboo are nighttime tricksters who delight in frightening children in bed. They make scary noises, cast ominous shadows, and can even make an entire house shake without ever attracting the slightest notice from the children's parents. But one night these mischievous monsters are so busy scheming how best to scare two particular youngsters that they are caught by utter surprise when the children come up with a scheme of their own - to banish the creatures once and for all.



Monster Hug!
by David Ezra Stein Hardcover, English. ISBN: 9780399246371

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From the time they leap out of bed until they hug each other good night, two rambunctious young monsters make the world their playground. And playtime between such great friends is colossal fun, and sometimes earth shaking business. David Ezra Stein's simple, descriptive text and lively illustrations are full of humor, playing with size and perspective as the monsters play familiar games on an enormous scale. Children will delight in the monsters' antics, and get a kick out of the twist at the end of the story.