Dr. Seuss Books

The LoraxISBN: 9780394823379

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In this cautionary tale of greed and environmental destruction, the lovable Lorax tries to save the Truffula Forest and its inhabitants from disaster at the hands of the cantankerous Once-ler.

Long before saving the earth became a globalconcern, Dr. Seuss, speaking through his character the Lorax, warned against
mindless progress and the danger it posed to the earth's natural beauty.

"UNLESS someone like you...cares a whole awful lot...nothing is going to get better...It's not."



Horton Hears a Who! ISBN: 9780394900780

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A city of Whos on a speck of dust are threatened with destruction until the smallest Who of all helps convince Horton's friends that Whos really exist.





And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street ISBN: 9780394944944

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A boy imagines a series of incredible sights on his way home from school so that he will have an interesting report to give his father.





Green Eggs and Ham ISBN: 9780394800165

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Sam-I-am mounts a determined campaign to convince another Seuss character to eat a plate of green eggs and ham in this timeless classic.





Yertle the Turtle ISBN: 9780394900872

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Three modern fables in humorous pictures and verse.






Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!

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Started by Seuss, finished by Prelutsky, and illustrated by Lane Smith, "Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!" is a joyous ode to individuality. The story stars an unsinkable teacher named Miss Bonkers and quirky little Diffendoofer School, which must prove it has taught its students how to think.

Includes Seuss' original 1989 pencil sketches and hand-printed notes for the book.




I Can Read with My Eyes Shut!ISBN: 9780394839127

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In Seuss's familiar rhymed couplets and illustrations, the Cat in the Hat shows Young Cat some wonderful stuff about reading with both eyes open





The Shape of Me and Other StuffISBN: 9780394826875

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Rhyme and silhouette drawings introduce the shape of bugs, balloons, peanuts, camels, spider webs, and many other familiar objects. "The shape of you, the shape of me, the shape of everything I see.."




Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!

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Suggests in rhyme a number of ways for Marvin K. Mooney to travel as long as he gets going--now!





Hop on PopISBN: 9780394800295

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Combines phonics and word recognition, making sounds and letters recognizable.





One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue FishISBN: 9780394900131

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A story-poem about the activities of such unusual animals as the Nook, Wump, Yink, Yop, Gack, and the Zeds.





Sneetches on Beaches

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Based on a Dr. Seuss classic, this interactive book with foil and fur lets toddlers squeak the ball, scratch and sniff the toasted marshmallows, make McBean's Star-Belly machine go, and more.




Fox in Socks, Bricks and BlocksISBN: 9780375872099

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"Knox in box. Fox in socks.
Knox on fox in socks in box."

This latest addition to the Dr. Seuss Nursery Collection will tickle tongues "and" fingers. Selected tongue twisters from Dr. Seuss's classic "Fox in Socks" with touch and feel tabs let children touch the fluffy chick, the scratchy brick, the sticky blue goo, and more in this sturdy board book! Playful rhymes and interactive elements make this a perfect book for children and adults to share.


Annotated Cat: Under the Hats of Seuss and His Cats
by Philip Nel ISBN: 9780375833694

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How did Dr. Seuss come to write "The Cat in the Hat"?
How long did it take him to write "The Cat in the Hat "and "The Cat in the Hat Comes Back"?
Were these books instantly successful, or did their popularity build?

The answers to these questions and more can be found in this fascinating illustrated study of two books that changed the way our children learn how to read.

According to Professor Nel, "The Cat in the Hat "and its sequel operate on many levels. The books teach reading, but they also teach about poetry, politics, ethics, comics, history, and even conartistry!

Complete with the text of both books, photographs, draft material, and essays by Seuss, "The Annotated Cat" is like a DVD with all the extras. Cat lovers everywhere can gain a deeper understanding of two of the most popular children's books ever written, and the remarkable man behind them.