On DVD - 2012 Big Read Edition

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In 2012, the Massillon Museum and other area organizations explored the stories and poems of Edgar Allan Poe as part of the annual Big Read. Start or continue your own Poe experience with the titles in this month's special edition of the On DVD list.

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The Tell-Tale Heart

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Poe's unforgettable tale of obsession, madness and murder is brought to life in a dramatic adaptation starring Michael Sollazzo and Robert E. Reynolds. 25 min.

Special DVD exclusives include: Read the story; Author bio; Discussion topics; Scrapbook based on the story.



The Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe

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He is the uncontested master of the macabre a genius whose melancholy nature made his own life as tragic as one of his strange tales. Edgar Allan Poe's haunting poems and chilling stories established him as one of the most important men of American letters. But behind his popularity and artistic success was a personal life defined by broken hopes and failure. This extraordinary program tells Poe's complete story from the death of his parents when he was three to his tragic collapse on the street at age 40. Dramatic readings recall the devastation of his broken engagement and the loss of his child bride. And experts explore the bouts of depression and addiction that tormented the man and gave birth to his dark and brilliant art. Take an intimate look at one of literature's most complex and fascinating figures.



Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Mystery & Imagination4473

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One of the world’s finest actors, Christopher Lee (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Count Dracula) is the perfect host for this thirteen-part series of short stories from America’s most celebrated writer and poet, Edgar Allan Poe. Universally known as the "Master of the Macabre," Poe set the standard for classic horror tales with grotesque imagery and superb plots. Full of untimely deaths, loss, mutilation, fear, claustrophobia, agony and revenge, Poe’s nightmarish visions and tortured soul vividly emerge in the following dramatizations: The Fall of the House of Usher / The Oval Portrait / Berenice / The Black Cat / Ligeia / The Cask of Amontillado / Mr. Valdemar / The Tell-Tale Heart / Morella / The Pit and the Pendulum / The Masque of the Red Death, Parts One & Two

Bonus Program: Biographical Portrait of Edgar Allan Poe



The Fall of the House of Usher

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Vincent Price brings a theatrical flourish to the role of Roderick Usher, a brooding nobleman haunted by the dry rot of madness in his family tree. This being Poe, there's a history of family madness and melancholia, a premature burial, and a sense of doom hanging over this gloomy, crumbling mansion. Roger Corman sold stingy AIP pictures on the concept by claiming "The house is the monster," or so goes the oft-told story. True or not, Corman (with the help of his brilliant art director Daniel Haller and legendary cinematographer Floyd Crosby) creates an exaggerated sense of isolation and claustrophobia with the sunless forest and funereal fog that holds the house and its inhabitants prisoner in a land of the dead. It doesn't quite look real (some of the effects are downright phony, notably the apocalyptic climax), and none of the costars can hold a candle to Price's elegant, haunted performance (often speaking in no more than a stage whisper), but it's a triumph of expressionism on a budget. Shot in rich, vivid color and CinemaScope, from a literate script by genre master Richard Matheson, this is stylish gothic horror in a melancholy key.