One Book One Community 2012 - About the Book

That’s Why I’m Here is both a football story and a story of love, courage and faith in the face of adversity. The book traces Spielman’s storied career and reveals his intense drive to succeed in football. It also relates the heart-rending, yet inspiring story of how Spielman and his wife, the former Stefanie Belcher, faced many challenges during her lengthy battle with cancer.
While Chris and Stefanie were courting, marrying and building a family, their future appeared limitless. However, that seemingly idyllic world changed dramatically with Stefanie's diagnosis of breast cancer in 1998. That was the start of her 11-year struggle with the disease which the couple endured with great dignity, grace and faith.
Spielman's narrative relates how the couple worked together in their attempt to beat her illness, sharing with the public their successes and struggles while helping to increase public awareness of the disease and raise funds for cancer research.