Travel Through History with Books


The Bus Ride That Changed History: The Story of Rosa Parks
by Pamela Duncan Edwards ISBN: 9780618449118

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Take a ride through history with this unique retelling of what happened when one brave woman refused to stand up so that a white passenger could sit down, which sparked America's civil rights movement.




Celebrate the USA: Hands-On History Activities for Kids
by Lynn Kuntz ISBN: 9781586858469

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With fun facts, instructions for hands-on activities, and recipes, this book lets kids celebrate America all year long.

Brimming with the "whos, whats, wheres, whens and whys" of America, "Celebrate the USA" encourages kids to use imagination, creativity, and their own two hands to discover American history. More than 50 projects are included to help kids discover their patriotic pride, such as making a glass harmonica, a five-pointed star, an All-American beach-towel banner, a compass, patriotic flip-flops, Fourth of July Poppers, and more.




First Ladies
by Amy Pastan ISBN: 9780756649418

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Here is a captivating, photo-filled guide to the extraordinary women who have made their mark on the White House, and the nation. "Eyewitness First Ladies" explores the second hardest job in America--and the forty-five exceptional women who did it.

Filled with stunning, full-color photographs of personal mementos, family pictures, and campaign memorabilia, this is an engaging visual tour of U.S. History, as seen through the eyes of America's first ladies. See Dolly Madison's snuffbox, Mary Todd Lincoln's mourning cape, Edith Wilson's tiara, Eleanor Roosevelt's writing desk, and Pat Nixon's party favors. Learn about the part Martha Washington played in the American Revolution, why the White House can be both a palace and a prison, how Frances Harding won her husband's campaign, and of the scandal that haunted Rachel Jackson. Discover why Jackie Kennedy won an Emmy Award, which president's wife was the first to attend cabinet meetings, the first lady who was suspected of treason, and much much more.




Hammond Book of the Presidents: An Illustrated History of America's Leaders
by Nancy J Hajeski ISBN: 9780843718485

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"Hammond Book of Presidents" invites children to get to know the men who have led the US from a struggling band of thirteen colonies to the world's greatest superpower.

Each president is given either one or two spreads and is listed chronologically and divided into broad historical periods. The book also focuses on the human side of the presidents with a story of each president's life, the state of the country while he led it and interesting stories about family members.




The Oregon Trail
by Mel Friedman ISBN: 9780531205846

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Discusses how the United States gained ownership of the Oregon Territory, who discovered the best routes west, and the obstacles pioneers faced on their journeys along the Oregon Trail.





So You Want to Be an Explorer?
by Judith St George ISBN: 9780399238680

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So you want to be an explorer? What does it take, you ask? To find out, take a look at Judith St. George and David Small's witty collection of some of the best explorers the world has ever known.You know Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus, but what about Mary Kingsley, who studied cannibals in Africa, or cowboy Jim White, who, by mistake, found Carlsbad Caverns?

Full of boundless energy and illustrations you won't forget, this historical jaunt will inspire the explorer in all of us, young and old.




The Wicked History of the World
by Terry Deary ISBN: 9780439877862

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In the best book ever written to prove history teachers wrong, pester parents and disgust grandmothers, you will find out the truth about the Rules of War and meet fifty of the most vicious villains of all time in a bonus feature pull-out. Want to know... --The ghastly fate of Captain Cook? --What smelly sport was played by Samurai warriors? --Who tried to kill her enemies with a cake made from poisoned bath water? ...then let The Wicked History of the World be your guide. History with the nasty bits left in!