Rotary Club of Massillon to Help Fund Community Development Project in Cambodia

The Rotary Club of Massillon has announced that they have committed $5000 to the Community Development Project for Cambodia, which is conducted in collaboration with Rotary International’s “Sustainable Cambodia” Project.

The Rotary Club of Massillon will assist in supporting the first phase of the project, developing water sources and sanitation along with agriculture and microcredit in Prey O’mal, a new village in Sangkat Commune in Cambodia.  Phase 1 is tentatively budgeted to cost about $110,000, of which the Massillon Rotary will provide $5,000 from the Major Project Fund.  This fund is budgeted each year to be used at the discretion of the club president with board approval.  The balance of the required funds will be provided by the Rotary Club of Calgary, the Cal Sarcee Rotary Club in Cambodia, the Sentosa (Singapore) Rotary Club, one additional Rotary club yet to be named, and matching grants totaling $46,250 from the International Rotary Foundation.

Current Rotary Club of Massillon President Greg Butler became aware of the Cambodia project during his visit to the 2012 Rotary International Convention in Bangkok, Thailand.  Research by Rotary board member Tim Bryan gave the club confidence that the organization has a long history of success. Funded projects are impactful and sustainable, involving villagers at every step and changing lives for generations.   While villagers must provide labor and matching funds at the beginning, outside assistance is decreased as the quality of life improves and the villagers gain resources and confidence to continue improvements.

Work is expected to proceed as early as July, 2013.  For more information about the project, visit