Story Time List - Toy & Novelty Books


These toy & novelty books were featured during Story Times in January 2014. Click on the catalog links to place these titles on hold. 


The Splendid Spotted Snake: A Magic Ribbon Book
by Betty Ann Schwartz

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It's a marvel! Every time you turn the page the little snake grows bigger. And it's a book that teaches colors: with every page his spots change color. Amazing! "But how does it work "Using a unique Magic Ribbon format invented by the authors, "The Splendid Spotted Snake" follows the adventures of a little spotted snake made out of sturdy, polka-dotted cloth ribbon. "When Yellow Snake was born, he had bright red spots. But then he grew . . . His new spots were blue."Not only does the little snake double in size, his spots also change color!Red to blue to purple to orange and more, it's an enchanting lesson in learning colors. And for little kids and parents alike, a true page-turner--because with every turn of the page the little snake grows and changes.And look for it: a wonderful, gratifying surprise ending.


On the Farm Lift the Flap
by Alastair Smith

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Short, simple text supports the illustrations and answers children''s questions about what happens on the farm, and the animals which can be found there. Flaps to lift and flaps beneath flaps intrigue children as they explore the farm.




Animal 123
by Britta Teckentrup

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With a bold palette, striking graphics, and a bouncing menagerie of animals, this pair of uniquely formatted lift-the-flap books introduces young readers to the basic concepts of counting and patterns. Each is a boisterous, vivid trek of discovery, providing irresistible clues which encourage lifting the flap--a hands-on, educator-approved strategy of uncovering and learning concepts. Whether it's finding out just who's next in Animal 123, or exploring differently patterned creatures hiding in the habitats of Animal Spots and Stripes, these ultra-sturdy books provide not just an intriguing way to communicate essential building blocks of learning, but also offer an energetic playground of sheer delight.



Little Critter Where's My Sneaker?
by Mercer Mayer

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Who would possibly want to play his first baseball game ever without wearing his lucky sneakers? Not Little Critter! But one of his special sneakers is missing. Where could it be--in the toy chest, under the bed, somewhere in the closet? Surely not in sister's bubble bath! Soon all the animals in the house are helping Little Critter in his search, and kids can, too!



Spot's Playtime Pop-Up
by Eric Hill

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Spot loves playing with his toys and his favorites spring to life in this lively pop-up book?a pedal car, his bike, a train, a soccer ball, a drum, a kite, and finally his toy chest. Spot fans will reach out to turn the pages and find Spot and his friends Steve, Helen and Tom playing with each new toy. Perfect for Spot's young audience who will be attracted to the bold, bright colors and large pages with Spot popping up on each one.