Story Time List - Birds

 These books about Valentine's Day, love, and friendship were featured during Story Times in February 2014. Click on the catalog links to place these titles on hold. 

Roly-Poly Egg
by Kali Stileman

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Splotch is a small bird who lives high up in a tree. One day, she lays an egg. It's small, yes, and very spotty, but absolutely perfect in every way. This is the story of Splotch and the adventure of her roly-poly egg. Children can lift the flaps to find a colorful surprise. 



by Jennifer Gordon Sattler

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“Mama, why are we pink?” asks an ever-curious young flamingo named Sylvie. Like Leo Lionni’s chameleon in A Color of His Own, Sylvie comes to learn that being yourself is the best thing to be. When she learns that it’s due to the little pink brine shrimp they eat, Sylvie takes the maxim “You are what you eat!” to a whole new level. Her new diet leads to some very interesting new looks—from scarlet to stripey to positively purple! 



The Most Wonderful Egg in the World
by Helme Heine

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Glorious colors embellish paintings of sublime nonsense, depicting events connected with a competition by three hens".--Publishers Weekly. "Each (hen) thinks she is the most beautiful, but the king reminds them that pretty is as pretty does. Whoever lays the most wonderful egg will be the most beautiful in his eyes. So each hen gets to work...


Are You My Mother?
by P. D. Eastman

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A baby bird is hatched while his mother is away. Fallen from his nest, he sets out to look for her and asks everyone he meets -- including a dog, a cow, and a plane -- "Are you my mother?"