Library Stories - April 2014

Here are some of the ways the library has made a difference in the lives of people in your community. Vote for your favorite in the poll on the right side of the page.

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April 2014, Story 1
The Massillon Public Library makes a positive impact on my life each and every week. I work as a volunteer at the library. I help keep the Paperback Trade Rack stocked with books every day. I clip articles from the local newspapers about the library to be kept for future use. I also help unload the books that Massillon Public Library has borrowed from other library for their patrons. When books are returned, I help return them to their proper place on the shelves. And when I can, I help other patrons find the book they need.

While at the library, I get to be surrounded by books—which is one of my favorite things. One might ask, ‘Why would being around books and people make an impact on your life?’ I have some serious health problems and without the library I would sink into a pit of despair, where the dark would swallow me whole. The impact of being at Massillon Public Library where I am needed and surrounded by wonderful people and great services that help our whole community helps me to keep my sanity.

- Marcia C.


WINNER!  --  April 2014, Story 2 
Cary Coates has spent a great deal of time at the Massillon Public Library doing research for his books on the History of Perry Township. He is, by far, the most frequent visitor to the library’s Local History and Genealogy Room.

When the Perry Township History Club was first established, members wanted to compile a booklet about its history. However, club historian, Cary Coates didn’t think a booklet would be sufficient. After years of research, Coates’ first book contained over 300 pages. “I was trying to supply more than just names and dates of people were lived in Perry Township,” Coates said. “I wanted interesting stories detailing the history of the founding families.” Along with concrete details and facts, Coates interspersed stories of original Perry Township farm families, so that readers of his book got a picture of what life was like in Perry Township 200 years ago.

“The Massillon Public Library was an incredible source of information for me regarding the history of ALL of Stark County—not just the history of Massillon. In their Local History and Genealogy department, They have more resources for researching the history of Stark County than Stark County’s branch libraries,” states Coates. “These resources are great for families doing genealogy research or simply trying to find family members who once lived in Massillon AND the surrounding area.” Coates continues, “Massillon and Perry’s histories are intertwine, because the villages of Kendal and Massillon were located within Perry Township,” Coates said. “You had influential people living on Massillon’s Historic Fourth Street, yet owning vast farmlands in Perry Township. That makes Massillon Public Library a crucial source of information to people beyond its city limits as well!”

“Having used the wealth of resources and information available at Massillon Public Library, I feel I am giving back to the library AND the surrounding communities through my books,” says Coates. Now, and in the future, people researching the history and people who once lived in one of the communities surrounding Massillon can quickly and easily access information compiled in his books, sparing them hours of in-depth research. “In that way,” says Coates, “the library’s resources I used will continue impacting lives for many generations to come!”

"Last, but certainly not least, I am grateful for Massillon Public Library’s ability to borrow from other libraries through inter-library loans. Through this system I have been able to borrow books from all over Ohio to use in my research. This opens up a seemingly limitless supply of information!"


April 2014, Story 3 
My library is important because I love to read! Libraries are wonderful places. Books can just take you to another world. I love my library!

- Kaley Q.


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