Story Time List - Pets

These books about pets were featured during Story Times in February 2014. Click on the catalog links to place these titles on hold. 

by Sarah McMenemy  ISBN: 9780763620592

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Rosie's new puppy is wiggly, waggly, wonderful! He loves to play, he loves to run, and he loves Rosie best of all - you can tell by the way his tail is always waggling. Now all he needs is a name. What should Rosie call him? First-time author-illustrator Sarah McMenemy evokes an enticingly retro feel with her boldly colored, primitive artwork style, while the simple story line and nonstop action will keep even the littlest listeners rapt.


An Octopus Followed Me Home
by Dan Yaccarino ISBN: 9780140565324

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When an octopus follows a little girl home, she has a hard time convincing her father to let her keep it. After all, the house is a little short on space, especially with crocodiles already sleeping under the bed, and elephants hanging out in the garage. 




The Great Pet Sale
by Mick Inkpen ISBN: 9780531301302

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Attracted by a sale at the pet store, a boy tries to decide which animal to buy with his money.





What Pet to Get?
by Emma Dodd  ISBN: 9780545035705

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Jack's mother says he can choose a pet . . . but what pet to get? An elephant? (So difficult to take on vacation.) A polar bear? (It wouldn't like the central heating.) What about a Tyrannosaurus Rex? (Unfortunately, it's been extinct for 65 million years.) The gatefold on the last page reveals Jack's final choice, and a big surprise -- literally!



A Dog Needs a Bone!
by Audrey WoodISBN: 9780545000055

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Follow the plight of this bone-obsessed, lovable mutt as she spends her day waiting, pleading, and plotting for a bone from her mistress. Readers will delight in the humor and irresistable charm of this incorrigible canine as she tries to stave off her desire until at last she gets her long-awaited bone.