Explore Spring!: 25 Great Ways to Learn about Spring
by Maxine Anderson ISBN: 9780978503741

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From tracking spring peepers and raising tadpoles to learning about seeds and recording plant growth, "Explore Spring! 25 Great Ways to Learn About Spring" invites young readers to explore the wonders of spring by becoming scientists in the field. Combining hands-on learning with solid science, trivia, riddles, and terrific illustrations, projects investigate "the reason for the season" and include identifying trees and measuring their growth, recording soil temperature, and observing the forest floor. Bird migration and nest building are covered, and the movement of air and water is studied with experiments in capillary action and in such activities as "Making Parachutes," Making Kites," and "Mapping Air Currents with Bubbles."



Mother Earth and Her Children: A Quilted Fairy Tale
by Sibylle Von Olfers  ISBN: 9781933308180

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When Mother Earth calls her children to prepare for spring, the earthly children yawn and stretch before they busy themselves with beautification. They dust off the bumblebees, scrub the beetles, paint bright new coats on the ladybugs, and rouse the caterpillars from their cocoons. Bedecked with new blossoms, the children emerge from the earth and become spring flowers that frolic through the summer and autumn, until the leaves begin to fall and they return to Mother Earth, bringing the weary bugs and beetles back to their winter refuge.



The Big Woods Orchestra
by Guido Van Genechten ISBN: 9781605371139

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Composing a beautiful ode to nature for children, this picture book captures a marvelous sound--the musicians of the Big Woods Orchestra, tuning up in the early morning. As the rooster announces it's time to begin, the tawny owl hoots, the great spotted woodpecker taps away, and the rest of the orchestra's birds welcome the new spring day in a united voice. Atmospheric and melodious illustrations bring the birdsong of the forest to life in this charming exploration.




Spring Song
by Barbara Seuling ISBN: 9780152023171

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When they feel spring's warm, gentle breezes, bears leave their winter dens, rabbits bound out of their burrows to hop through clover-filled meadows, butterflies emerge from their cocoons.

With lush illustrations and an inviting question-and-answer patterned text, "Spring Song" encourages children to emerge from their wintertime hideaways, to explore the seasonal changes in the world around them, and to join in nature's celebration of spring!




by Douglas Florian  ISBN: 9780060092801

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Twenty-nine poems about spring are illustrated with Douglas Florian's distinctive and buoyant watercolours and extol the many virtues of the season-from those muddy puddles and emerging bulbs to rain showers and rainbows and that first day without mittens.