Story Time List - Colors

These books about sounds were featured during Story Times in March 2014. Click on the catalog links to place these titles on hold. 


Butterfly Butterfly: A Book of Colors
by Peter Horacek ISBN: 9780763633431

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Little ones will hover over this colorful look at insect critters as they peek through die-cuts and enjoy a final pop-up surprise.

Lucy sees a beautiful butterfly in the garden, along with a bright green beetle, a brilliant blue dragonfly, some red ladybugs, and many more flying and crawling things. But when will the radiant butterfly appear again? Petr Horacek uses his trademark saturated hues and simple shapes to create an enticing view of the world of colors -- and a peekaboo look at the slow-paced life abuzz in the backyard garden.



Snappy Little Colors
by Kate Lee ISBN: 9781607103295

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Colors have never been so much fun!

Created by acclaimed illustrator Derek Matthews, "Snappy Little Colors" is packed with a rainbow of pop-up surprises! The 10 pop-up illustrations are accompanied by playful rhyming text that introduces kids to every color of the rainbow. From the bright red parrot to the sly blue shark, to the playful white puppy, kids will love this merry menagerie of animals!



Nighty Night, Little Green Monster
by Ed Emberley ISBN: 9780316210416

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Children will love this monsterously fun story, featuring die-cuts on every spread. With each turn of the page, readers reveal Little Green Monster's little yellow eyes, his little red mouth, and even a cute, tiny white monster tooth. Then, when the stars begin to appear, it's time for bed... so, nighty night, little yellow eyes. Nighty night, little red mouth. Nighty night, cute little white tooth. Sweet dreams!