Teacher Card


With a Teacher Card, materials are checked out for 6 week loan periods, rather than the 2 week period allowed on a regular library card.  

Teacher Card holders are responsible for fines on overdue materials and will receive overdue notification via email, text message or telephone if their materials are late.

Lost / Damaged Materials
We encourage teachers, as all other patrons, to take care of Library materials and to direct their students to do the same. But we are aware that a school is a different setting from a private home, with more chances for an item to become lost or damaged. Therefore, the holder of a Teacher Card will not be charged for three (3) lost or damaged items per school year (August to July). Payment will be required for the fourth and subsequent lost or damaged items. Items costing $40.00 or more (this includes ALL items from theme kits) or borrowed through SearchOhio and the SEO Library System are exempt from this privilege. Payment in full for such items is required.

* Home educators - who are not in a setting with many classrooms, students or teachers - are responsible for ALL lost or damaged items checked out to their Teacher Card.

For more information about applying for a Teacher Card, contact the Children's Department at 330-832-5037.