Teacher Collections


With a week or more notice, Library staff will select a collection of age/grade appropriate materials on a specific topic or of a specific type (e.g., fairy tales, etc.) for use in the classroom. Materials may come from the Children's, Young Adult or Adult collections of this Library or from the collections of other libraries that share our online catalog database.

A valid Teacher Card is required to receive this service.

Library staff fills all requests as completely and fairly as possible. We reserve the right to limit the number of items borrowed and the loan periods of any items currently in demand; this includes holiday items.

A specific pick-up date for each collection is given. Unless we are notified by the requestor, materials not picked up by the agreed upon date are reshelved.

Requests can be made in person, over the telephone or online:

  • Collection requests for preschool - 6th grade should be made through the Children's Department at 330-832-5037 or via this online form.

  • Collection requests for 7th - 12th grade should be made through the Young Adult Department at 330-832-9831, ext. 321 or via this online form.