Computer Center Guidelines

Welcome to the Massillon Public Library's Computer Center!
The Center is for your use under these Guidelines:

1) Keep coats, bags, backpacks on or underneath the desk where you are working. Keep aisles clear.

2) Please Do not talk on your cell phone in the Center unless you are conducting business that requires viewing a website and speaking to the company at the same time. Your voice must not disrupt other patrons, whether speaking to another person in the room or speaking into your phone. Always keep electronic devices ‘silenced’ while in the computer center as constant Noise from text messages and phones ringing are disturbing to others.

3) Parents who bring children with them must keep children occupied and quiet. There are computers in the Children's Room on the Ground Floor specifically for children who are sixth grade or younger. (Children under age 8 must be accompanied by a parent, older sibling or other caregiver while in the Children's Room.) At a parent's request, a child might be granted special permission in the Computer Center to use the computer next to the parent if it is not in use, but the child will be asked to move if it becomes needed for an adult.

4) Small quiet groups (not more than three individuals) are permitted to collaborate at one computer providing the sound does not bother other patrons.

5) You are allowed at minimum 60 minutes per day on any of the public computers in the Massillon Public Library Main building or branches. You may use all minutes at one time or in several shorter sessions. When your session has only five minutes remaining, a pop up box on your screen will warn you. You will get additional warnings at four minutes and one minute. Save your work when you see the warning. When your minutes have been used up, the computer shuts down automatically. If you have not saved your work before the computer shuts down, your work will be LOST and the staff cannot retrieve it. If you have not completed your work and want to request additional time on the computer, more time MAY be available depending on reservations. Please ask staff.

6) Public computers shut down automatically 10 minutes before the library closes. Staff cannot restart them until the next business day.

7) NO FOOD is allowed in the Computer Center. Only drinks with a lid are permitted near the computers.


STAFF Responsibilities:
1) Flash drives, blank disks, ear-buds, one day $1 guest passes(for non card holders) are available for sale in the Computer Center.

2) Computer Center Staff will make sure that the atmosphere is quiet and comfortable for everyone. Patrons who disturb others, or whose children disturb others, will be reminded one time about proper conduct. If the situation continues the patron, or patrons, will be asked to leave immediately and the computer session will be terminated.

3) Library staff members are available to assist patrons with basic operations on the public computers. Library staff members are not experts on every facet of technology, but will help you as much as their expertise and time permit.


Staff will be happy to:
 - Help you access the public computers, including finding your library card number or issuing a guest pass for a visitor and making reservations
 - Help you find a website and navigate on the page
 - Show you how to create a resume
 - Assist in printing or saving documents
 - Show you how to create an e­mail account
 - Assist you with various MS Office features

Staff will not:
 - Type papers or resumes
 - Fill in online applications for jobs, unemployment, insurance, etc.
 - Help with credit card applications or purchases (although they can get you to the website)
 - Do research (you will be directed to the Reference staff)
 - Comparison shop or give advice on financial, medical or legal concerns
 - Proofread papers
 - Proctor exams


The Library regularly offers instruction in computer use. Please inquire at the Reference Desk about our latest schedule. The staff cannot be taken away from their other duties to give extensive one on one training, thus they are instructed to limit assistance to 10 minutes, before referring you to others.