Paper Recycling

The Massillon Public Library is continually seeking innovative approaches to maintain consistent service to its patrons despite recent shortfalls in funding. Recently, the library has taken the opportunity to encourage paper recycling while raising money at the same time.

The Library has placed a distinctive green and yellow "PaperRetriever" dumpster-sized recycling bin in its parking lot on the Southwest corner of the intersection of Second Street and Lincoln Way East, next to the State Farm Insurance office. The public is invited to put paper, newspapers, magazines, mail, junk mail and catalogs in the bin. The Library is then paid for materials that would otherwise have been thrown out. This opportunity to recycle will not only save paper from landfills, but, in our case, it will raise funds for the library as well.

Collecting just one ton of paper to recycle saves 4,100 kilowatt hours of electricity, 2 barrels of oil, 3.3 cubic yards of landfill, 50% less water, 35% less water pollution, 74% less air pollution, 17 trees which take 14 years to grow and helps create 5 times more jobs than one ton of paper products made from virgin wood pulp!

The more paper collected in the bin per month, the more money the library will earn per ton. Each bin holds one or two tons of paper; when it is full, the library will call for a pick up and be compensated for the contents of the bin. The company pays on a sliding scale based on how much paper is collected. Though a minimal amount, it is really a win-win-win situation: we are charged nothing for the service and we are paid for something we have to get rid of anyway. And we are all helping the environment! We know our patrons want to recycle; we now feel that we are giving them the opportunity and convenience, and at the same time they can feel good that their efforts help to support their library.

For more information call the library at 330.832.9831 ext. 311. The Massillon Public Library is located at 208 Lincoln Way East.