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Deliveries to one local route of Meals on Wheels of Stark and Wayne County is manned on Fridays by members of the Rotary Club of Massillon.  Every other week, club members volunteer on a rotating basis to load the meals into their vehicles at the Meals on Wheels administrative headquarters and make deliveries to some appreciative diners in the vicinity of Amherst NE. 
With the motto, “Service Above Self,” members of Rotary believe in Meals on Wheels’ goal of providing nutritional meals for those at-risk due to medical, emotional, or economic factors.  With 65 routes to cover each day, getting enough MOW volunteers is called a “never-ending job.”  By sharing the job, a service organization can easily fill a gap and serve the community without being too much of a time commitment for any one person.  Many Rotarians have heavy responsibilities at work, but find time to fit this service in during their lunch break.  Rotary Membership Chair Marcie Bragg coordinates the Rotary volunteers’ schedules.
Rotary Club of Massillon meets every Thursday at 11:45 at the Eagles 190.  For more information, contact Rotary Public Relations Chair Sherie Brown at brownsh@massillonlibrary.org or 330.832.9831, ext. 314.