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Al Capone was a real-life gangster who went to jail on the island of Alcatraz in 1934.  In these hilarious books, a boy named Moose moves to Alcatraz so his father can work as a guard and his sister can attend a special school in San Francisco.  Moose has to leave his friends and his winning baseball team behind. But if his sister, Natalie, can finally get help, maybe his family will finally be normal.  As it turns out, life on Alcatraz is much more complicated than even Moose would have predicted, especially when it's Al Capone who's doing you a favor!

When I visited San Francisco and got a chance to tour the prison at Alcatraz (did you notice my t-shirt?!?), I already knew a lot about it because many of the facts in these books are true even though the stories are fiction.  If you're about age 10 or older, you'll love these books!


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