Behavior Policy

Mutual respect makes it possible for everyone to enjoy library materials and services. You can help by refraining from behavior that interferes with the rights of others and the duties of the library staff.

At the Massillon Public Library, we strive for every patron to experience the joy and satisfaction of learning and enrichment. In order to preserve that opportunity, we ask patrons to be respectful of each other and behave in a manner that does not disrupt other patrons or staff. The Massillon Public Library encourages the use of its facilities for reading, study, research, entertainment and the legitimate use of the Library’s resources and services. The Library pledges to provide an atmosphere conducive to delivering library services to its patrons. To further this goal, library patrons are asked to conduct themselves in a lawful, orderly and considerate manner.

Any behavior that disrupts the orderly use of the Library is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, behavior that constitutes a nuisance, or presents a safety and/or security hazard or affects the ability of the library staff to provide service to its patrons. The following actions are examples of conduct not allowed on library property:

Violations of Courteous Behavior:
◦ Harassing patrons or staff.
◦ Monopolizing equipment, materials or furnishings.
◦ Offensive hygiene that disrupts the use of the Library for other staff and/or patrons.

Violations of Reasonable Noise Levels:
◦ Creating unreasonable noise, including electronic devices.

Violations of Appropriate Language:
◦ Using or displaying the following: profane, obscene or abusive language or images.

Violations of Respect for People and Property:
◦ Violating the Library’s Acceptable Use Policy for computer usage
◦ Panhandling, gambling or soliciting of any kind.
◦ Trespassing in non-public areas.
◦ Using restrooms for bathing or laundry.
◦ Eating.
◦ Drinking, except from sealable containers.
◦ Moving furniture and/or equipment without the Library’s permission.
◦ Intentionally damaging, destroying or stealing any property belonging to the Library, another patron or staff.
◦ Failing to return Library materials on time.
◦ Returning library materials with insects that can result in pest infestations to library materials or facilities, e.g. bed bugs or roaches.

Violations of a Safe Environment:
◦ Horseplay
◦ Leaving children under the age of ten (10) unattended.
◦ Improper dress, including bare feet and no shirt.
◦ Littering
◦ Using recreational and/or athletic equipment on Library premises.
◦ Blocking aisles, exits and/or entrances.
◦ Leaving packages or any other personal items unattended.
◦ Bringing luggage, bed rolls, blankets, or large plastic bags into the library.
◦ Bringing animals, other than service animals, into the Library.
◦ Fighting, physical abuse or assault.
◦ Wearing clothing that is stained with bodily fluids, or transmitting those fluids to library facilities or materials.
◦ Refusal to wear face coverings, adhere to social distancing, or to comply with other mandates from health officials.

Violations of Local, State or Federal Laws:
◦ Falsifying information to obtain a Library card.
◦ Possessing weapons or other items deemed dangerous by Library staff. Violation of posted concealed weapons prohibition.
◦ Engaging in or soliciting a sexual act.
◦ Being under the influence, possessing alcohol or drugs, selling drugs or alcoholic beverages.
◦ Smoking or chewing tobacco products or any other use of tobacco products. This includes, but is not limited to, electronic cigarettes (or e-cigarettes,) electronic vaping devices, personal vaporizers (PV) or electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) which simulate tobacco smoking.
◦ Other illegal or disruptive acts.

Subject to Search
Bundles, packages, backpacks, briefcases, purses, and other containers may be subject to search upon entering or leaving library buildings in order to protect and preserve the safety and security of property and people using the Library

Special Guidelines Regarding Minors
Children are encouraged to use the Library’s resources and services, to enjoy the Library and to participate in the Library’s programs. Parents, guardians and caregivers are encouraged to use the Library with their children and are responsible for the behavior of the children in their care. Children under the age of ten (10) must be accompanied at all times by a responsible party. Minors must be picked up prior to the Library’s closing. The Library is not responsible for the safety or security of minors left unattended, or the safety or security of minors utilizing the internet.

Enforcement of Patron Guidelines
Patrons who violate any of the guidelines will be promptly notified of the infraction(s). Depending upon the severity, police may be called. A violation may result in a verbal warning, a patron’s expulsion from the Library, temporary or permanent suspension of library privileges, criminal prosecution, or other legal action, as appropriate.

The Board of Trustees of the Massillon Public Library delegates to the Director of the Massillon Public Library and its staff the authority to enforce the Policy on Patron Guidelines, including the authority to suspend the library privileges of patrons who violate the Guidelines.

Patrons have the right to request an administrative review of a suspension order.

Approved by the Massillon Public Library Board of Trustees August 27, 2020