MUZZY Club is the online version of the BBC’s award-winning language courses for children. Kids can choose to practice Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, or Spanish with collections that incorporate 600+ vocabulary words into interactive game and exercises. Children learn while having fun watching entertaining videos of MUZZY and his friends.

MUZZY Club’s natural learning style replicates how children learned their native language, allowing them to absorb a new language through context and imagery. Other features of the program such as games, eBooks, printable flashcards, songs and a recording feature reinforce what has been learned.

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NOTE: Flash needs to be enabled in your browser in order for the videos in MUZZY to play. In some browsers you may see a red Adobe Flash button in the upper left of your screen to click on to enable Flash. If you do not see this image, consult your browser’s settings for instructions on enabling Flash.