2019-2020 Achievement Awards

The Massillon Public Library is pleased to announce the winners of the PRISM and Beacon Awards for last school year, 2019-2020. First created in 1988, PRISM is an annual award presented by the Massillon Public Library to publicly recognize outstanding student achievement. PRISM stands for Performance Recognition In the Service Area of the Massillon Public Library. It seeks to recognize students who have made special accomplishments, whether in traditional arenas, such as academics or athletics, or in out-of-the-ordinary realms.

Congratulations to the following winners:
Josh King – Franklin Elementary
Ava Sims – Gorrell Elementary
Connor Getz – Whittier Elementary
Hallie Adkins – Massillon Intermediate School
Mason Filler – Massillon Junior High School
Ethan Tobin – Washington High School
Mercedes Morris – Fairless Middle School
Alexus Vincent – Fairless Middle School
Christopher Byler – Fairless High School
Talia Scassa – St. Mary School
Colleen Hartley – Massillon Christian School

The Beacon Award is presented to a faculty member who has promoted the love of reading and the use of the public library to students. The Beacon Award Winner is Lisa Channell, Librarian at St. Mary School.